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Exterior Cladding by AAM is available in range of different cladding types, system types and configurations.

  • Cladding Panel Types refers to the material used to fabricate the panel; real wood veneers, high pressure laminate etc.
  • Panel Options refers to the physical characteristics of the panel; flat,curved, acoustical.
  • System Types refers to the attachments system that connects the panels to the wall.
  • Configuration refers to the Panel Type,Panel Options and System Type combined with the panel layout and dimensions


Real Wood Veneers encapsulated in phenolic resin combines all the beauty and warmth of natural real wood with the mechanical properties of phenolic to deliver exceptional performance in wet or high humidity conditions for both interior and exterior applications.

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Solid Phenolic panels by AAM are available in hundereds of color and finish options and are perhaps the most robust panel product available. Suitable for use in interior and exterior conditions, phenolic panels provide high impact resistance and are waterproof, weather proof and chemical resistant.

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