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Glass Panels by AAM are available in 100's of different solid colors and woodgrains.


The Façade attachment system is a parametric frame system comprising Steel Vertical and Horizontal members to provide unsurpassed strength and durability for the most demanding applications. This system allows for individual panel removal/replacement, is capable of transferring loads to the floor and can support panels of multiple thickness, types and edges details in the same elevations. The void created between the substrate and the back of the panel has been tested with our HPL Acoustical panels to provide exceptional acoustical properties.

Stand-offs deliver opportunities to run ductwork and utilities behind the panel. All the panels are pre-machined with metal inserts in the panels to accept fasteners, making for the fastest and most accurate possible installation of panels. Glass Architectural Panels on the Façade system comprise 3/4"(18mm) MDF susbstrate and are available from 1/2" (12mm) to 4" (100mm).

Façade Attachment System


The GRID attachment system is a progressive system comprising aluminum or stainless steel vertical and horizontal reveals. Reveals are available as recessed, flush or proud. There are options for removable panels.

Glass Architectural Panels on the GRID system are supplied with a 1/2"(12mm) MDF susbstrate as standard and are also available in 3/4" (19mm) thickness.

GRID Attachment System

Solid Colors

Select from our standard range of quick ship back-painted glass.

Glass Colors

The Flatts 2

Denver Place

Architectural Panels in White Glass and Real Wood Veneer Architectural Panels in Walnut FC attached on the Façade System.

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Dan Cava

Dan Cava Toyota Dealership

White Glass and brushed metal panels installed on the Façade system.

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CSI Specification: Glass Architectural Panels

CSI compliant specifications in MS Word Format. Click the appropriate System Type to download the specification in MS Word format.

Façade-HPL  GRID -HPL  Parqwall -HPL

Color Charts

Download our standard color charts.

HPL Solid Colors  HPL Abstracts  HPL Woodgrains  HPL Metals

Standard Detail Drawings

Download our standard module drawings. The download format is PDF. CAD files are available upon request from your sales reprsentative or via our Engineering Request.

HPL Façade Modules  HPL GRID Modules  HPL Parqwall Modules 

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